Fragen zu E-Scootern

Fragen zu E-Scootern

Electric pedal scooters, also known as e-scooters or e-kickscooters or PLEVs (Personal Light Electric Vehicles) are the latest solution to this problem and are also an important part of the future mobility mix in our cities.

Hier könnt Ihr einige der bereits in Deutschland zugelassenen e-Scooter kaufen.

What are the advantages of electric pedal scooters?

- They are handy, mostly foldable and require little space.

- They can be taken on public transport.

E- pedal scooters can be worn or used for driving as needed.

- They are quickly charged and ready for use.

- Operation and driving are very simple.

- They are small and inexpensive alternatives to e-bikes.

- They are emission-free.

For whom are electric pedal-scooters particularly suitable?

Electric pedal scooters are the perfect solution for distances that are too short for the car on the one hand, but too long for a march on foot on the other. This is known as the "last mile".

Especially for commuters who travel to work on a daily basis by public transport, electric pedal scooters are a perfect solution to shorten the journey to the station, for example.

Since the electric pedal scooters are handy, usually foldable and easy to stow away, they can also be carried conveniently in public transport unlike bicycles and used immediately if required. Even at certain workplaces where long distances have to be covered, such as warehouses, harbours or exhibition grounds, the e-scooters can save a lot of time and contribute to efficiency.

Which e-scooter suits me best?

Before buying an e-kick-scooter, you should pay special attention to the following points:

Scooter foldable:

Not all e-scooters are foldable or can be folded. If you want to carry your scooter in public transport, you should choose a foldable model.


The weight also plays an important role. Most electric pedal scooters weigh more than 10 kilograms. If you have to carry your electric scooter on your way to work, for example, you should make sure that the weight is comparatively low.

Engine power:

Basically, the more watts, the higher the power and acceleration of the electric pedal scooter. Therefore, when looking for a suitable scooter, you should consider the weight of the scooter as well as your own weight and the conditions of the track. If scooter and body weight are rather low and the distance is usually rather flat, a scooter with 150 watts can be sufficient. However, if the track is hilly and the weight of the rider and scooter is higher, a model with a higher wattage should be chosen.

Carrying strap:

Also a carrying strap or other carrying devices can be very useful, if you have to carry the scooter e.g. at different places - e.g. on the stairs into the subway.

Charging times:

Charging times also play an important role. If you have little time, you should look for a model with a shorter loading time.

What is the range of electric pedal scooters?

The ranges of the electric pedal scooters can vary considerably. Depending on the model, the ranges are between 20 and 50 kilometres. It should be noted that in practice the stated ranges depend heavily on driving behaviour and other factors such as the terrain and body weight of the rider, and in practice the stated ranges are usually several kilometres below the stated ranges. For example, if you have to cover a distance of 20 kilometres a day, you should rather look for a model that achieves a range greater than 20 kilometres.

Charging time

The battery can be recharged at any electrical socket and takes between 2 and 8 hours, depending on the model. So if you usually don't have much time to charge, you should opt for a model with a short charging time.


Pedal scooters (also called PLEV, which stands for Personal Light Electric Vehicles) are not yet permitted in Germany - but they are in other European countries. We expect that by March 2019 at the latest, a law will also be enacted in Germany to regulate approval more precisely. Some key points are already emerging:

- The scooters are allowed to travel at speeds of up to 20 kilometres per hour on cycle paths (models that can travel faster than 20 km/h are expected to be offered by manufacturers in Germany in throttled versions).

- If there is no cycle path, they would have to switch to the road. They are not allowed to ride on sidewalks.

- In addition, two independent brakes, a steering or holding bar and a "light-sounding bell" are mandatory.

– Es gibt keine Helmpflicht, ein Helm ist aber sehr zu empfehlen. Allerdings ist eine Versicherungsplakette vorgeschrieben.

- Users must be at least 14 years old.  A driving licence is not required.


It is mandatory to check whether the selected electric scooter is permitted for road use. Otherwise fines and penalties are imminent and in the worst case the scooter will be confiscated or confiscated.

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Safety and security

Electric scooters can reach speeds of up to 25 km/h, so safety should be a top priority. Irrespective of whether a helmet is prescribed by law or not, a helmet is always recommended. If you want additional protection, you should also think about other protective equipment such as gloves, etc..