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electric scooters up to 45 km/h
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Particularly suitable for driving licence classes: A1, A2, A
Are you looking for the right electric scooter for you?

No problem: With us you will surely find the best e-scooter for you! We have made it our mission to finally make the market for e-scooters transparent. For this reason we have listed the currently available e-scooters with pictures, data and a link to the manufacturer. We are in exchange with the manufacturers to keep you informed about new products and manufacturers.

You have questions about electric scooters?

If the electric scooter is new territory for you, then take a look at our FAQs. We have prepared the most important questions about electric scooters for you. Also with the question, "which electric scooter fits best to me" we can give you certainly a few valuable tips...

E-scooters will be the future of urban mobility

Unrivalled acceleration, futuristic drive, unique design - the future belongs to the electric scooter! The electric scooter has long been part of everyday life in Asian metropolises. And also in the European metropolises more and more people switch from the conventional scooter with combustion engine to the modern electric scooter. For a variety of reasons:

Unique Riding Experience

No rattling, no vibration from the combustion engine. The driver of an electric scooter only hears a quiet hum when his electric scooter starts. The acceleration and the associated driving feeling are unique. Harmful exhaust gases such as CO2 are also a thing of the past. The journey to work suddenly becomes an experience. The electric scooter is also ideal for casual rides in your leisure time. Our tip: try it out, it's worth it!

E-scooters as a lifestyle product

Electric scooters today are much more than just a means of transportation. If you drive an electric scooter, you attract attention and get curious looks. One reason for this is the design of the electric scooters. From retro scooters to futuristic scooters, everything is represented that makes the hearts of modern and successful people beat faster. The electric scooter is part of a movement in many modern metropolises around the world. Become part of this worldwide movement and find your perfect e-scooter at e-gears, no matter if from SXT, Govecs, Emco or another e-scooter supplier...

Short charging time

Modern e-scooters need very short charging times, sometimes even less than two hours for a range of up to 100 km.

No more tedious search for a filling station

Why look for a filling station when you can charge your scooter with an expandable battery at a wall socket at home?

There are no more problems with the range today

Different from other electric vehicles the range is no longer a problem with e-scooters - and their charging time is surprisingly short. Depending on the model a fully charged battery can have a range of more than 100 km.


Most modern electric scooters cost less than one euro per 100 km - an unbeatable argument in comparison to conventional scooters with combustion engines, which usually cost many times more over the same distance.


Last but not least, in the absence of harmful emissions such as CO2 or fine dust and in the absence of loud engine noises, the driver of an electric scooter also does the environment and his fellow citizens a favour.