electric scooter up to 45 km/h

Du suchst einen Elektroroller bis 45 km/h, den Du insbesondere mit den Führerscheinklassen AM, A1, A2, A und B fahren kannst? Wir haben die passenden Modelle aufgelistet.

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Elektroroller bis 45 km/h

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E-scooters will be the future of urban mobility

Matchless acceleration, future-oriented propulsion, unique design - The future belongs to e-scooters! In Asian megacities they are already an everyday reality. In European cities more and more people are changing from traditional scooters with combustion engines to modern e-scooters. For many different reasons.

Unique Riding Experience

No clattering, no vibration of a combustion engine. The scooterist will only hear a soft whir when starting. Acceleration and the riding experience are unique. There will be no more noxious exhaust gases like CO2. Riding to work will suddenly be a pleasant experience. But e-scooters are also ideal for rides at idle speed in your spare time. Just try it out - it will be worth your while!

E-scooters as a lifestyle product

Today e-scooters are more than just a means of transport. You will catch people´s eyes when riding an e-scooter. One reason for this is its design. There are all kinds of models from retro style to completely futuristic, everything that fascinates successful modern people. In a good many modern cities e-scooters are part of a worldwide movement. You can join in! e-gears offers you the perfect scooter, no matter if SXT, Govecs, Emco or any other provider.

Short charging time

Modern e-scooters need very short charging times, sometimes even less than two hours for a range of up to 100 km.

No more tedious search for a filling station

Why look for a filling station when you can charge your scooter with an expandable battery at a wall socket at home?


The cost for most modern e-scooters is less than one euro per one hundred kilometres - a very serious argument compared to traditional scooters, which normally are much more expensive.


Causing no harmful exhaust gases as CO2 or fine particles and no loud engine noise, people as well as the environment will benefit from e-scooters, too.