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Important: Most electric pedal scooters are not yet approved in Germany. So make sure that you have an approval!

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Anyone who travels daily by bus, train or other public transport knows the "problem of the last mile": How do you manage short distances such as the way to the station as quickly and effectively as possible?
Electric pedal scooters, also known as e-scooters or e-kickscooters or PLEVs (Personal Light Electric Vehicles) are the latest solution to this problem and are also an important part of the future mobility mix in our cities.
Electric pedal scooters are small scooters powered by an electric motor that travel at an average speed of about 20-25 km/h. However, the kick scooters no longer have much in common with the pedal scooter, which many people may still know from their childhood - instead, the scooters are currently regarded as the latest trend in urban mobility. The electric scooters are extremely popular among young people because they are considered a cool alternative to bicycles and an environmentally friendly alternative to cars.
They are designed for short distances in inner-city traffic, for example the so-called last mile from the train station to the workplace. One advantage over bicycles in particular is that they can usually be folded in a few simple steps and carried on buses, trains or other public transport. If, for example, you have arrived at your destination station, you can continue your journey with the scooter immediately. This makes them the perfect companion for commuters.
Important: Most electric pedal scooters are currently not permitted in Germany, so we strongly recommend to check this with the manufacturer before buying.
You can find further information, especially on the approval of electric scooters in Germany, in our FAQs..